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    About Dermavitality

    Ultimate Vitality created Dermavitality a line of natural, organic and herbal skin care product for Oncology Patients after watching patients endure treatment and observing the effect that it had on their skin. Seeing what patients were utilizing to support the skin during treatment we knew there had to be a better way. 

    Mark Brown RN BSN and Lesley Nygaard a naturopathic nutritionist and essential oil coach created a line of natural and organic products to support patients during treatment. We searched the current evidence for supportive skin care ingredients and added powerful herbs to create plant based organic formulas to protect, sooth and nourish your skin

    Dermavitality Oncology Skin Care products are developed by an oncology nurse and breast cancer survivor who knows first hand what patients endure during treatment. All our products are formulated with pure plant-powered functional ingredients that get results.

    Clean Natural Ingredients

    All our products are Paraben, Sulfate Phthalate and Petro Chemical Free. Our manufacture is cruelty free and leaping bunny certified.

    Farm to skin pure high quality botanicals made in the USA

    All of our natural ingredients are sourced, whenever possible, from local farmers in the southwest desert. With extreme environmental challenges and harsh climates, we find plants known for their incredible resilience and power to adapt. They have a unique ability to renew and restore themselves, and they do the same for your skin. All our ingredients are sourced in the USA to ensure you receive the highest quality and pure formulas available.

    All our formulas are designed to support you skin during chemotherapy and radiation. Created to help manage sooth, nourish and support you skin during therapy. Combining years of oncology nursing experience with a cancer thriver and expert organic and herbal skin care expert we designed skin creams that help repair and heal skin damaged by cancer treatment.

    Dermavitalty products are manufactured at CGMP facilities and are manufactured to the highest standards. 

    So you can have confident that our skin care products are safely and consistently manufactured to the highest standards.

    We guarantee ALLof our products with a 30-day money back guarantee as we are a trusted source for ALL of your Oncology Skin Care needs.