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Dermavitality Radiation Burn Cream 6 Ounces


Protects and Heals Skin Damaged by Radiation Therapy

Formulated to protect the skin and give it the nourishment it requires while undergoing treatments. 

  • Paraben, Sulfate Phthalate, and Petro Chemical Free.
  • Farm to Skin, natural ingredients sourced local farmers in the southwest desert. we find plants known for their incredible resilience and power to adapt. They have the unique ability to renew and restore themselves, and they do the same for your skin.
  • Carefully selected ingredients that help calm and soothe the skin while naturally protecting it from radiation effects.
  • Organic Aloe, Calendula Oil, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, and Jojoba Seed Oil Strengthen skin and prevent damage.
  • Therapeutic grade Lavender oil helps soothe burns, promote healing, reduce inflammation relieve pain.
  • Shea Butter is a proven moisturizer for your skin. It has soothing, anti-aging, and healing properties.
  • Powerful botanical herbs of Green Tea, Yarrow, Irish Moss, Spirulina, Organic Gotu Kola, Horsetail, and Wild Geranium work synergistically to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin.


Caring for your skin during radiation

Skin reaction during treatment are a significant challenge for many patients undergoing radiation therapy. These reactions can impact your quality of life and comfort and even disrupt treatment. Acute Skin reactions to external beam radiation therapy are classified as radiodermatitis. All patients receiving therapy are at risk of radiation dermatitis. The acute reaction of the skin to radiation treatment can cause pain, discomfort, redness, itching and burning. Caring for your skin during treatment is an important part of treatment. Historically, recommendations were to avoid putting anything on your skin during treatment but current evidence suggest that applying a hydrating and nourishing skin cream during treatment can help to minimize the effect the treatment has on your skin.Dermavitality Radiation Burn Cream can help you manage your pain and discomfort during radiation therapy. There are several other recommendations to care for your skin outline below.

Skin Care

Wash you treated skin daily with warm water. Be very gentle with your skin in order to avoid irritating the skin and avoid washcloths and instead use your hands to gently splash water on your skin. 

Use a gentle low-pH cleanser if needed to gently cleanse the skin avoiding the use of washcloths or sponges.

Radiation therapy can cause your skin to become red, itchy, dry and irritated. Sometimes you can develop a rash. Dermavitality radiation burn cream will help moisturize and nourish your skin during treatment. Plant based organic and natural herbal ingredients such as Calendula, Organic Aloe Vera, Lavender essential oil, Shea Butter, Botanical Hyaluronic acid and other herbal micronutrients will pamper and support your skin during treatment. Our all-natural Radiation burn cream is Paraben, Sulfate Phthalate and Petro Chemical Free. Our manufacturer is cruelty free and leaping bunny certified. Dermavitality’s radiation burn relief cream is patient tested and our reviews demonstrate how this amazing cream will help support you throughout your radiation treatment.

Do not shave the treated skin as this can irritate the sensitive area being treated.

Wear loose fitting clothing to prevent the clothing from rubbing against your skin and exacerbating the already sensitive area.

Avoid antiperspirant and use a deodorant instead but watch for any irritation and discontinue the product if you experience am adverse reaction.

If you are spending time outdoors avoid exposing your skin to from harmful UV radiation and put on sun protective clothing. Seek shade when outdoors and if you must expose your skin to the sun use a sunscreen that your treatment team recommends. Avoid hot tubs and bundle up it the temperature falls below freezing.

Don’t put anything hot or cold on your skin it can irritate your skin and protect your skin from damage if doing chores.


René-Jean Bensadoun et al, Daily baseline skin care in the prevention, treatment, and supportive care of skin toxicity in oncology patients: recommendations from a multinational expert panel [Pub Med][ Google Scholar]


Dermavitality Radiation Burn Cream 6 Ounces