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    Radiation Burn Cream

    Product use instructions

    Radiation Burn Cream

    • For best results, begin using Dermavitality Radiation Cream 1 week prior to the start of treatment or as directed by your health care professional.
    • Apply three to four times daily or as often as desired to areas of skin within the radiation treatment field.
    • Do not use it within 1 hour prior to radiation treatment.
    • Discontinue if skin ulceration develops because of radiation treatment and notify you health care provider
    • Continue use for 6 weeks after final treatment to minimize delayed side effects of radiation. You may keep using the cream as long as you like to help minimize the long-term effect of radiation on the skin.
    • When applied as directed, one 6-oz. tube of Dermavitality Radiation Burn Cream should last approximately 4 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the radiated field. 

    For external use only.

    Need additional help or instructions? Call 1-775-813-4459. You can also contact us at and we’ll get back in touch with you quickly. To purchase Radiation Burn Cream, visit our online store or call the phone number above.

    Hand Foot Oncology Cream 

    Apply liberally to affected areas as often as desired, use to help calm and soothe hand foot syndrome or as a body lotion for dry irritated skin.